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Windsurfing area – what’s waiting for you A big standing space, long sandbanks with butter flat water and two islands in range of sight guarantee a sense of achievement. Speeding, jibing and making freestyle tricks will be great fun here. In front of the station you have direct access to the beginner’s lagoon which is 30 cm to 1 meter deep, depending on the tide and bordered by a sandbank. Directly behind the beginner’s lagoon is the speed and freestyle strip which offers very flat water due to the sandbank behind it. With low tide the sandbank is nearly dry and with high tide there can be little wind waves. This is the perfect place for speeder, jibbers, freestyler and all those who want to become one. You can stop everywhere along the sandbank, to either take a short break or talk to other surfers. Small tip: By low tide you can take amazing pictures from the sandbank. Right next to the sand bank are just fingertip high waves which are the perfect conditions for learning of the water start, footpad technique, powerjibe, cool moves or to just fly past. Speeding along butterflat water you start to hear that rewarding sound of your board plaining as the islands fly by. It is the perfect place to really push your limits, we even have a GPS speedometer to give you precise readings on your run.


What we have for you?

We have Equipment Neilpryde 2014 / 2015
Wir bieten Boards 2014 / 2015
Wir haben Harness und jegliches Zubehör



Our team is here to the beach and in the water to take care of you. We are equipped with several boats at any time to help. Also for launching and landing the kite someone is always there for you. Our staff always has an eye on you .


Food and Beverage

At our Surfmotion bar you can quench your thirst with alcoholic-free and alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, it is also possible to satisfy his hunger and re-energize for the next ride


Photo and Video

Our in-house video & photo team will hold your stay at Surfmotion Center photo documentary, so you also can relive your adventures in the distant future. Choose from several offers the best out for you and make your friends a little jealous when you return home

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